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We offer the highest-quality massage in a variety of methods, all tailored to your specific needs. Just tell your massage therapist about your special concerns. Suitable for him and her!

Emphasizes your body's problem zones and provides ultimate relaxation.
40 min.

Helps you eliminate accumulated stress, quiets your mind, and attunes your senses to the rhythm of your own breathing. Its slow pace and gentle touch immerse you in the wonderful world of relaxation and rest.
55 min.

Revitalizes and restores your energy with a strong, rhythmic technique that relieves pain, relaxes tense muscles, and stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Before vigorous physical activity, deep tissue massage stimulates muscles, helping to prevent injury during exercise, increase muscle tone, and decrease fatigue. Afterwards, it prevents muscle spasms and eliminates toxins.
55 min.

Traditional therapy from Thailand that employs soft rolling movements with a hot pack or herbal pack filled with dried lavender to reduce muscular tension. It provides comfort and calm while increasing your concentration and mental clarity.
75 min.

Combines three popular massage techniques - reflexology, sports massage, and Swedish relaxing massage - to relieve physical, mental, and emotional tensions while shaping your figure. It produces a harmonious balance of health and wellbeing.
75 min.

The magnetic powder of obsidian stones, carefully extracted from de volcanic entail, in combination with heat and perfect pressure, allows contracted muscles to release tension and eases you into deep relaxation. Laguna Suites signature spa treatment features warm obsidian stones heated in aromatherapy oils. Smooth stones are used on key tension areas to induce deep relaxation and relieve stress. The combination of heat and pressure allows the muscles to warm up and release tension. This therapeutic treatment is especially good for areas of chronic muscle contraction.
75 min. 2 Adults
Welcome to YA'AX CHÉ SPA, a luxurious respite from everyday stress, where wellness experts offer refreshing body treatments to help you improve your inner and outer beauty.

Relax your body and recharge your spirit and energy in this private environment. Experience complete wellbeing through traditional healing, combined with sophisticated beauty systems and holistic products.