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Marine Exfoliation
Gives your skin luminosity, softness, and beauty. This new silky, velvety skin treatment is based on active marine ingredients that eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate the reproduction of healthy new cells.
40 min.


Employs cocoa to repair damage caused by free radicals, and to induce the production of endorphins (which stimulate the sensation of happiness). An excellent anti-aging treatment, it’s especially valuable for dry or sunburned skin. 40 min.

Truly pleasurable body treatment rich in marine extracts, with exceptional slimming and detoxifying effects. Immerse yourself in this magical therapy and transform the moment. 60 min.

Beautifies your figure with an intensive slimming massage in problem areas. In addition to a strong massage, this treatment includes gentle exfoliation and a mud mask.
55 min

Helps you permanently lose inches of fat, detoxify your body, firm your skin, re-gain your self-confidence. During this treatment, you’re advised to drink as much water as possible in order to hydrate your skin and flush away toxins. 55 min

55 min.

Combats fluid retention with a treatment that stimulates and restores energy, improves blood circulation, and eliminates tiredness in legs and feet. This fabulous therapy combines active compounds with the power of massage to bring you relaxation and rest.
30 min.
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