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Luxurious treatments for integral body and face care

Immerses you in minerals, the key to splendidly silky skin. This magical treatment re-mineralizes and moisturizes your face and body, and concludes with a relaxing massage for an intense sensation of mental and physical well-being.
80 min. 

Stimulates blood circulation; invigorates, tones, and rejuvenates the body, and helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. Drinking wine for its health benefits has become a widespread practice. Now wine therapy offers another way to realize those benefits.
80 min.

Brings you the world, combining the best relaxation and beauty techniques of each continent:
  • Lifting Facial Massage from America
  • European Lymphatic Drainage
  • African Reflexology
  • Shiatsu Balancing Therapy from Asia
  • Massage Lomi-Lomi from Oceania
Includes Hydra-System, an exceptional treatment that smoothes and revitalizes dry skin.
55 min.
Welcome to YA'AX CHÉ SPA, a luxurious respite from everyday stress, where wellness experts offer refreshing body treatments to help you improve your inner and outer beauty.

Relax your body and recharge your spirit and energy in this private environment. Experience complete wellbeing through traditional healing, combined with sophisticated beauty systems and holistic products.