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Zen Warm Stone Massage
75 minutes 2 adults
The magnetic power of obsidian stones, carefully extracted from de volcanic entail, in combination with heat and perfect pressure, allows contracted muscles to release tension and eases you into deep relaxation. This Laguna Suites signature spa treatment features warm obsidian stones heated in aromatherapy oils. Smooth stones are used on key tension areas to induce deep relaxation and relieve stress. The combination of heat and pressure allows the muscles to warm up and release tension. This therapeutic treatment is especially good for areas of chronic muscle contraction.

Soothing Anti-stress Treatment

60 minutes 2 adults
Our aromatherapy oils are lovingly crafted in two unique steps. First, our selected herbs (chamomile, calendula, lavender, and others) are steeped in a base oil, then our carefully chosen essential oils are added. This simple process gives our aromatherapy massage a profoundly therapeutic boost. Aromatherapy massage eliminates toxins, strengthens the immune system, and promotes a healthy equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit.

Absolute Nirvana Treatment
60 minutes 2 adults
This Deluxe treatment begins with a ritual foot cleansing and a cup of Red tea, an antioxidant herbal beverage traditionally used in Indonesia for blood circulation and healthy skin. This is followed by a fifty-minute massage using aromatic hot oils. Absolute Nirvana is inspired by the ancient art of using plants, herbs, and spices to promote both inner and outer beauty.

Wellness facial
50 minutes 2 adults
Specially designed to heal your skin from the effects of sun, pollution, and stress, this facial maximizes your skin’s ability to prevent damage from free radicals and increases cellular metabolism, thus creating optimum skin health and while taking advantage of the benefits of vitamin C.